Posted 4 weeks ago

We are preparing to plant a 1/4 acre Kitchen Garden in Malibu with veggies, fruit trees and flowers. After 2 months of intense program spraying with biodynamic preparations to bring life to the soil, the soil was opened up, and sprayed again with horn manure. And then…we were in luck- it rained. Last week we added some Sweet Lime, then biodynamic compost, and a thick layer of mulched organic woody matter, then covered it all with straw and watered well.

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Posted 2 months ago

Prince Charles has been championing sustainability in the most practical ways for decades. A dedicated organic farmer for 30 years at his Highrove Estate in Gloucestershire and his Duchy in Cornwall, whose products, Duchy Originals, have been consistently turning a profit; his experimental, progressive methods, including Biodynamics (since 2005), has finally caused his critics to shut up and take note.

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Posted 3 months ago
The Biodynamic garden some 4 weeks after planting - it is thriving! Young seedlings of cover crops are pushing up along the wall where the Tomatoes will be planted in Spring.


Posted 4 months ago

Just finished building another backyard vegetable garden, freshly planted with fruit trees, vegetables, berries and flowers. Soil amended with superior biodynamic compost, all fall/winter crops in place, then added some cover crop seeds: sugar snap and snow peas, and fava to enrich the soil for spring planting. Very gratifying to create gardens that aren’t just pretty to look at, but that you can eat from.

Posted 5 months ago

Oh, the bees…they are literally being crushed. And they are not the only ones! Entire ecosystems are being crushed, and a devastating narrative continues. I’d needed to learn more about the bees ways and suddenly, am completely submerged in their mysterious world.

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Posted 6 months ago

If a rose can really elevate vibrational frequency to the level of love, it’s understandable what I’d heard about the ancient Greeks from a man on Santorini one summer, who’d been observing me with my face buried in the petals of three large fluffy blooms that were bowing over someone’s garden fence a little ways onto the road where I was passing; he stopped to tell me that the ancient Greeks believed that flowers were the cause of impregnation. Girls, after spending time with the roses, touching them and picking them and braiding them in their hair, bathing with them, were elegantly ministered the inadvertent spark. In other words, sex, liberated from paternity, the impetus for monogamy, was just a glorious expression of this or that. What a lovely story, I said. So many stories with a protagonist rose. 

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Posted 7 months ago

Roses…St. Exupery’s melodramatic rose in the Little Prince was my first and my favorite. Since that very early aquaintance, roses were all important and I have planted many…For this garden of aromatic Herbs, Lavender and Buddleja, we selected some 300 old rose varieties. Heritage roses, especially Damasks and Centifolias are unsurpassed companions, for they make parfume and alchemy in the garden. 

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Posted 8 months ago

Malibu Agricultural Society Gathering June 2013

The meeting was set in the lovely and charming garden created by host Sustainable Surf enthusiast Claudia Taylor, with ice tea, fresh local fruits, and watched over by a curious flock of chickens. The gathering started off with a stirring demonstration of “Compost Tea”  from guest speaker Basia Kenton.  (Basia is a Santa Monica and Ojai based landscape designer whose experience in biodynamics informs her work and gives her the expertise to show others how to get started.)  Everyone gathered ‘round the stirring bucket to see the alchemical process in which biodynamic preparations are whirled into action and oxygenated with the water.  A few folks tried their stirring muscles to see if it was as fun as it looked.  Basia reminded us that when the microbes living in this tea are sprayed on plants, that the leaves take the microbes and nutrients right down to the roots to enliven the plant growth, eliminating the need for any chemical fertilizers! In turn, when the plant is fortified, pests can’t invade, and the need for pesticides is eliminated! 

Posted 9 months ago

Once upon a time in the west (c.1880), the Vedalia Lady Beetle arrived from Australia for the express purpose of ridding Southern California’s plagued citrus groves of Cottony Cushion Scale, the pest that was devastating their numbers. Within a year she’d done her job and saved the California citrus industry. The Lady Beetle naturalized and since then, has been the heroic protector of citrus trees in Southern California, her arrival marking the beginning of classical biological control, that most elegant of solutions.

But her story takes a tragic turn in our times.

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Posted 9 months ago


To the fallen,

We salute your work. We apologize for the lazy or willful ignorance of those of us who don’t honor or even acknowledge our interdependence. May this strewn battlefield of your kind by our kind stand as a call to consciousness, so that you might not have died in vain.

How we can prevent another mass bumble bee die-off. Read more